Litter of puppies saved in Sheffield

A litter of four Rottweiler-cross puppies was found abandoned in a canal in Sheffield, and survived solely due to the fact that the canal had frozen over, otherwise they would have drowned. The four day-old puppies were stuffed in a bin bag, which was weighted down with a paving slab, and tossed into the canal.

The canal is near Sheffield’s Don Valley Stadium. The RSPCA say that the puppies were saved just in time to prevent them catching hypothermia.

The bag containing the puppies was spotted by a walker last weekend, who contacted the RSPCA and the fire department. They arrived quickly and rescued the puppies from the icy canal.

Matt Bell, from the RSPCA, stated:

This was a horrendous act of cruelty and it was just fortunate the ice held

But we’re also very concerned for the mother who could be full of milk and at risk. We urge anyone who can help us find the person responsible to get in touch.