London dog influencer on a path to fame

A canine social media star based in the UK capital is currently enjoying newfound fame. Known as Pablo the Borador, the trailblazing wonder dog has amassed a huge following with more than 100,000 people keeping tabs on his account posts on TikTok and Instagram.

However, the celebrity dog recently raised his status by becoming the star of an epic advertising campaign. His furry face has been shared with the country on billboards promoting Butternut Box dog food. On top of this, Pablo also has his own book series called The Adventures of Pablo, with special editions available for both children and adults.

The Borador’s meteoric rise to fame is being masterminded by his owner, Bobby Breese. The keen London-based writer has now made it his mission to make Pablo a household name and hopes it will kickstart a brand-new cultural trend. Breese commented that his canine companion built his following on social media by visiting local pubs and asking for his favourite drink of water with ice cubes, adding:

“He’s always been a bit of a local celebrity around North-West London, when out on walks he gets stopped in the street or ushered into his local butchers for some treats.”

Pablo became the face of Butternut Box’s recent advertising campaign after entering a competition and charmed company decisionmakers with his cheeky behaviour. The dog food brand specialises in creating fresh, healthy and hypoallergenic meals for dogs on subscription delivered directly to owners’ doors.