Looking after an older dog

Looking after an older dog simply means that your pet may need a different kind of care than before. You may not have realised how old your dog has become and it could seem like just five minutes ago that he was a puppy full of energy.

Depending on the breed, what classes as ‘old age’ can be different, with smaller dogs living longer than the bigger breeds. You will need to keep an eye out for any signs of problems or diseases that may require the attention of a vet, but in your own home you can do a lot to ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy in his advancing years.

A nice comfy bed will not go unappreciated by an older dog with stiffer joints. Placing the bed in a location in your home that is free from a draft, close to a radiator and in a quiet place will ensure that your dog sleeps as soundly as possible. Try to make sure that any food and water are within easy reach so that your dog does not need to travel up any stairs for instance to access their food.

Keeping up a regular grooming session for your dog is also extremely important to make sure that they keep their healthy coat and nails to avoid any problems developing. Although your dog may seem easily tired, it is important to keep them regular exercised to ensure they do not become obese, that they enjoy a routine and that they reap the benefits of some fresh air.