Looking after your dog as he or she gets older

It’s a sad fact of life, your dog will age. As they get older a dogs’ needs change, taking a few simple steps will ensure your old dog’s comfort and continued enjoyment of life.


Too many old dogs suffer from unnecessary weight gain. It has serious health implications and can lead to premature death just as in humans. An older dog’s diet should be adapted as they age. There are many senior dog foods on the market; it should be simple to find one that your dog enjoys.

Hearing and eyesight

Be aware of your old dog’s limitations. Eyesight and hearing will be getting less keen. If your dog seems to sleep very soundly, it could be because they no longer hear you coming. Allow for the natural changes by moving more slowly and carefully around the dog, avoid sudden movements that could startle.

Day to day care

Exercise still needs to be part of your dog’s routine, he or she may be displaying some signs of old age such as joint stiffness or rheumatism but that doesn’t mean that daily walks should stop altogether, ask your vet about your vet on the correct level of exercise for your dog. Grooming is very important as the older dog will find it difficult to groom himself.

Regular visits to the vet will ensure that any lumps or bumps are found and dealt with. Just a few small changes will make sure his enjoyment of life carries on into a happy old age.