Category: Lost Dogs

Jul 16
Dolly to adopt Glastonbury Lurcher

A seven-year-old white Lurcher found in a tent when organisers were clearing up after…

Jan 15
Rottweiler saved from mud as high tide floods creek

Last Saturday, January 12, an eight-year-old Rottweiler named Buddy was faced with a…

Dec 18
Dog returned to owners almost a decade after going missing

In May 2004, Milissa Mae walked into her garden in Worcester to discover that Niamh,…

Oct 30
Chihuahua returned thanks to DNA tests

A lost pooch has been found and reunited with his owner after a DNA test revealed his…

Sep 04
London family celebrate pet’s return

A family from Clapham, South London, are celebrating after being reunited with their…

Jun 12
Spaniel saved after 10 days on Snowdonia

A dog has been rescued from Snowdonia after his owner had to be airlifted to hospital…

Feb 13
GSPCA fights for compulsory dog micro-chipping

The Guernsey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) is encouraging dog…

Oct 24
Devoted dog stands by owner for 24-hours in muddy bog

A Hampshire pensioner had her pet canine to thank for providing warmth and…

Sep 26
Dog named after meerkat seeks out a loving home

If you have seen the TV adverts for comparethemarket.com, you will know that Sergei…