Mabel retires from Blue Peter

Blue Peter is well known for its pets, dogs in particular. Shep may be long gone, but one of the current crop of Blue Peter dogs, Mabel, has been performing for viewers for the last 14 years. Those days are coming to an end however, as Mabel has announced (presumably through an interpreter) that she is going to retire at the end of month.

Mabel, pictured with Lucy
Mabel, pictured with Lucy

Mabel’s last ever appearance on Blue Peter will be on the 30th March.

One of the current Blue Peter presenters, Joel Defries, announced Mabel’s retirement yesterday on air. He stated:

With mixed emotions we are going to be saying goodbye to Mable.

She’ll be retiring at the end of the month and we’re going to give her a massive, massive send off.

Mabel is a legend. She has spent 98 dog years working on Blue Peter and we will all miss her dearly.

In her 14 years on the show Mabel has appeared with 14 different Blue Peter presenters. To mark her last show, and before she hangs up her lead for the last time, viewers have been asked to send in tributes to Mabel, including drawings and poems.

Mabel’s first appearance on Blue Peter was in 1996 when she appeared in a segment about the RSPCA. Mabel became a full time member of the presenting crew the following month.

While Mabel’s 14 years on Blue Peter may seem like a long time, she’s not the longest serving dog in Blue Peter history. That honour goes to Petra, who was on the show for 15 years. Mabel’s retirement will be spent with one of the former production members.