Making the move with your dog to his new home

Everything is packed, the van is loaded up and now it’s time to take your dog for a walk while another member of the family places their favourite toy and other belongings in the back of the car ready for the journey. When you put the dog’s bed in the back of the car remember to put in a jumper that smells of you for extra reassurance.

When you arrive at the new home let your dog relieve himself and then place the bed and toys that have the most ware in a spare room while the rest of your items are unloaded from the van.

Once the main rooms are tidy, take the dog on a lead around the block to stretch his legs and give him some attention. He will soon get used to the different smells and feel more comfortable.

As soon as you can, start a new daily routine for him. If you have taken a few days’ holidays for you and your family to settle then it is quality time for both of you.


  • You will need a new name and address tag
  • Let your database know you have moved if your dog is chipped
  • Do not let your dog off the lead until you are sure they are comfortable in their new environment
  • Plenty of hugs and words of praise do not go amiss, even if there’s a couple of ‘accidents’