Man bites dog: The true story

It may be a comical headline that sounds like it comes from a spoof newspaper, or perhaps the award winning Belgian movie about a serial killer, but alas it’s actually a genuine headline about a man who has been banned from keeping animals after he abused his pet dog, even biting its nose.

Twenty-nine-year-old Philip Carter, who lives in Loughborough has received a lifetime ban from keeping any animals after he attacked his dog, claiming it bit him. He was charged with causing the dog, named Splodge, unnecessary suffering and didn’t take him to the vet after he had injured him.

Carter pleaded guilty and was handed a suspended 12 week sentence.

John Sutcliffe was the prosecutor, acting on behalf of the RSPCA. Sutcliffe stated that when the RSPCA were called to Carter’s home they found the dog to be in distress. It was bleeding from its nose and had bruising on its ears.

Sutcliffe added:

The defendant’s explanation was one of self-defence. He hit the dog to stop it biting him.

Carter’s lawyer, Max Duddles, defended his actions, claiming the dog attacked his client.

Splodge was not terribly well behaved. Splodge bit him (Carter). He twisted its nose and then bit Splodge on the nose. Splodge wouldn’t let go and he hit it until he did.

The RSPCA are said to be happen with the verdict.