Man denies dog bit off Labour party campaigner’s finger

Dog owner Mark Monroe denies that his dog ‘Jack’ bit off the fingertip of a Labour party campaigner, who was delivering leaflets, despite coming home to find the man’s finger on his doormat.

The Labour party campaigner, Brian Hunter, insists that the dog bit him as he tried to deliver leaflets to homes in Newcastle. He is suing Mark Monroe for £15,000 in damages.

Even though the finger was on his doormat, and Mr Monroe stored it in his freezer for safe keeping, he claims his dog couldn’t have bitten Brian Hunter because he has a letterbox guard that would make it impossible. Also, he says his dog doesn’t have many teeth, so wouldn’t have been able to anyway.

When I came in there was the finger lying on the floor, cleanly sliced off.

I wrapped it up in a food bag and put it in the freezer and waited for the owner to come back and collect it, so that he could have it stitched on – but he never came back.

Jack is 12 years old and has few teeth left and the ones he does have are rotten.

He’s a lovely dog and although he barks he hasn’t bitten anyone.

Mr Monroe phoned the police, who traced the owner of the finger, but as no one called to claim it he disposed of it months later.

Brian Hunter, who has instructed solicitors to sue Mr Monroe, states:

I walked up the pathway and using my right hand, inserted a leaflet through the letterbox of the door premises.

Suddenly and without warning I heard a dog growl and quickly removed my hand.

As I did so, I noticed blood and observed my little finger had been severed from the nail to the tip.

Self evidently as I had inserted my hand in the letterbox, the dog had bitten it.

I wonder if that makes Jack a Conservative voter?