Man punches shark in head to save dog

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… after our post about the dog who attacked the shark and dragged it ashore, the sharks are biting back. This time the dog was a fair size smaller than the shark-beater we saw yesterday, Jake, the rat terrier, was attacked by a shark as he swam in Islamorada. His owner, Greg LeNoir, jumped in to save his dog, punching the shark in the back of the head!

The excitement began as Jake was taking his daily swim in the Marina. Jake is a strong swimmer and a rescue dog who often retrieves jellyfish from the sea. This time however he drew the attention of something much larger, in the shape of a five foot long shark.

The shark bit into the dog and dragged him under the water, prompting his owner to spring into action.

I clenched my fists and dove straight in with all my strength, like a battering ram. I hit the back of the shark’s neck. It was like hitting concrete.

The shark hasn’t been positively identified, but it most likely either a lemon shark or a bull shark. When LeNoir punched the startled shark he let go of Jake, and the little dog was able to swim to shore.

Luckily for the dog his injuries weren’t serious, although his skin was punctured by the shark and a trail of blood was left behind him as he swam the few yards to safety.

LeNoir described the moment the shark began to eat his dog:

The shark put almost all of Jake in his mouth, except for his head and three of his leg.

LeNoir’s brother, Phillip, spoke of his shock that his brother jumped into the sea to have a fist fight with a shark.

Jake’s doing great, and I still can’t believe my brother jumped in the water and punched a shark.

As these things always come in threes, we’re wondering what dog/shark related incident will crop up next, although the sharks should beware, it’s 2-0 to the dogs so far!