Manchester cinema hosts UK’s first dog-friendly movie night

A cinema in Manchester’s Ducie Street Warehouse has recently started hosting dog-friendly movie nights every Monday for pets and their owners to enjoy together.

‘Pawpcorn’ nights, said to be the UK’s first event of its kind, are dog-friendly movie nights featuring specially themed film screenings where pet owners can invite their four-legged friends on a cinema date as their special guests for the night.

The ‘Mini Cini’ theatre can hold up to 36 guests, but dogs can either sit on their humans’ laps or park themselves on the floor to say hello to the other canines in attendance. The theatre itself has special considerations for the pups, such as lowered sound levels and the opportunity to take regular toilet breaks.

Some of the movies shown so far include “Beethoven”, “The Fox and the Hound” and “Lassie”. For International Dog Day, the cinema even hosted a free screening of “Scooby Doo” and offered special treats for owners, as well as Scooby Snacks for the dogs.

In a statement, Nathan Wrigglesworth, Events Manager at the cinema, said the event was created because pets are part of the family, adding:

“People don’t just want to take dogs on walks anymore – they want to involve them in their whole life. I’ve seen people take their dogs out for drinks and dinner.”

It is not yet confirmed if the dogs actually watch the films during these movie nights. However, the films on the schedule are always rated PG and are upbeat and happy, so the dogs are able to see something that looks like them on screen.