Marley & Me is number one in the US box office

The latest dog related film to come out of Hollywood, Marley & Me, starring Owen Wilson and former Friends star Jennifer Anniston, opened at number one in the US box office.

The two stars of the film (the human stars, not the dog) attended the UK premiere in Leicester Square this week. The film, based on a novel by John Grogan, tells the story of how a couple are taught many lessons in life by a very destructive, but loveable, dog. Twenty-two separate dogs played the role of Marley, who went from being a puppy to a fifteen-year-old dog during the film.

The two actors spoke to the press in London and said that they didn’t know they would be upstaged by the dogs in the film.

Owen Wilson said:

They did not tell us that – that one kind of snuck up on us but you could tell after meeting those cute puppies. She melted on that one scene.

The main hero dog was Clyde and then old man Marley, who was really Copper – a 15-year-old lab, I had a soft spot for but they all did great.