Maths can help to balance your dog’s diet

There are so many pet dog foods out in the marketplace today it can be daunting when it comes to choosing the best quality dog food that can keep your pet healthy.

To have a comparison between wet and dry dog foods it takes a few mathematical sums to find out the answer.

The nutritional recommendations for your dog on dog food packaging including tins come under dry matter basis. Dry matter means food with no water added.

It is law that dog food manufacturers have to list ingredients in the order of portion.

Tinned pet food may contain 80 per cent moisture.

If there is 10 per cent protein then it means if you were to take out all the water the half of the food left would be the actual protein.

This means your pet is eating a large amount of protein from that tin of pet food.

Protein in dog food can come from a variety of sources. Cheap dog food can be high in protein, salt or fat.

Reading the ingredients can help. On a label you may find items listed as corn, ground corn, flaked corn or corn gluten.

This does not mean you are feeding your dog chicken, just corn which is bad for your dog’s indigestion.

Always read the ingredients when choosing new dog food and if possible, choose natural dog food or allergy dog food for sensitive dogs so you know your dog is only eating good ingredients for a longer life.