Meet Britain’s perfect pet – 49 percent dog

PerfectpetEarlier this week, it was revealed by researchers that this bizarre combination of a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a horse is the perfect pet for the British public.

This computer-generated image, courtesy of the Telegraph, was created following a survey by pet insurance company More Than that questioned 2,000 pet lovers in the UK to find our perfect pet.  The perfect pet is 49% dog, 35% cat, 9% horse and 7% rabbit.

The image has the ears of a rabbit, the body of a golden retriever dog, the face of a cat and the tail from a horse, and has been nicknamed Max.  Max is full of energy, loves to go for long walks every day and sleeps on average for 9 hours and 27 minutes.  This totally bizarre creation does make me wonder where our money is going when we purchase dog insurance.

Pete Markey helped More Than conduct its research.  He commented:

”This experiment has provided great insight into exactly what it is about their animals people love, both in terms of looks and personality, and it goes to show what a pet-obsessed nation we are.”

Another pet insurance company, Tesco Pet Insurance, conducted a study into how Brits name their pets and claimed many were choosing sports stars names with “Rooney” being the most popular with half a million pets named after him.