Mickey Rourke loses his pet Chihuahua

Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke may be in line for an Oscar for his performance in ‘The Wrestler’, but he’s more concerned at the moment about he pet Chihuaha, Loki. Loki died recently, aged seventeen-years-old, peacefully in his sleep, and Mickey Rourke is deeply affected by the loss of his beloved dog.

Rourke took Loki everywhere with him, even to the Venice Film Festival, where Loki walked up the red carpet.

Rourke spoke about Loki’s death:

Loki fell asleep peacefully in my arms.

Loki is deeply missed but with me in spirit.

Rourke has owned Chihuahuas all his life, and even thanked his dogs in his acceptance speech when he picked up a Golden Globe award for his performance as a burnt out wrestler. Rourke commented:

Sometimes when a man’s alone, all you got is your dogs.

Rourke is the bookie’s favourite to land the best actor award at this year’s Oscars, and will surely mention his beloved dog in his speech if he wins.


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