Missing dog found after nine years

Muffy_missingdogNo matter how much you love your dog, you may be forgiven for giving up on your missing best friend after nine years.  Imagine then how surprised a family in Australia were to find their missing dog Muffy nine years after she went missing and almost 1,200 miles from their home.

Muffy, pictured here courtesy of the Independent, was found sleeping on cardboard in the backyward of a house in the city of Melbourne, 1,200 miles from her original home in Brisbane.  Muffy had gone missing from her family’s backyard nine years ago and they hadn’t seen her since.  The RSPCA found her and thanks to a microchip in her neck, reunited her with her family.

The owners of the house in Melbourne where Muffy was found sleeping said they’d found her about a year ago wandering the streets, but where she was for the other eight years and how she travelled the 1,200 miles is anyone’s guess.

Muffy had a skin infection but other than that was perfectly healthy and the RSPCA vets cleared her skin infection with treatment.

Muffy was reunited with the family’s now 17 year old daughter Chloe, who was astonished at being reunited with her long lost childhood pal.  The family said the timing was perfect as their two pet dogs had sadly passed away in the last few months and they found it amazing that Muffy had returned.

I wonder whether they claimed on the dog insurance, as most dog insurance policies include some sort of payment for a lost dog and help with finding them.  If they did, would they have to return the money?


  • Hi! I live in Alberta Canada and I had two dogs that are missing since June 9, 2009. I put my dogs on several websites, but didn’t get any response. About 3 weeks ago I was looking through the “FIDO FINDER” website and there was a dog listed under the found category with a photo who looks just like one of my lost dogs. I sent contact information to the finder 3 or 4 times and to the website administrators 2 times before the person who found the dog contacted me. (this took about 10 days) I had a long telephone conversation with the finder and we exchanged more pictures. We agreed that the dogs look alike, but since the finder is so far away, the finder wanted to do a scan for a microchip. Apparently, there are different kinds of scanners (the finder is in the United States) that do not recognize all of the microchips and when she scanned him she couldn’t find a chip. (my dog has a chip) I e-mailed her with the information about the type of scanner that is compatible with his chip and the number that is on the chip. I was able to contact her over the phone to let her know that the information was sent. I gave her more information about the dog I lost, (for example a slight limp) and she agreed that the dog she found matches my description. I am very anxious as this was about 4 days ago. Since that time I have left messages with the finder twice asking for an update and so far I haven’t received any calls. The interesting thing about this is that the finder is 2024 miles (3257 km) from me- that might be a record. Perhaps you would like my story if in fact this is my dog or you can help me try to get in contact with the shelter that has him.
    You can reach me at the e-mail address listed or phone at 780-674-9671 . Thank you

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