Model dumps fiancé for dog

How would you react if your fiancé said ‘It’s me or the dog’?  I know what my response would be.

A model from the city of Voronezh in Russia found herself in that exact situation when her fiancé told 27 year old Diana that it was either him or her dog – who by the way was dying at the time.  Nice!

Diana’s Spaniel Uni has been with her since he was a puppy and she was just 13 years old, according to a Russian magazine.  As a puppy, Uni had a leukoma on his eye.  Diana’s neighbours did not think he would survive so Diana convinced them to let her have him.  In a few years time, Uni actually lost his sight but Diana did not abandon him.

Diana was engaged to Andrey, a young lawyer, and the happy couple were about to get married when something happened that caused the engagement to be called off.

Uni was out walking when he was bitten by another dog.  Thanks to the bite, Uni’s hind legs were paralysed.  Naturally, Diana was upset and concerned but after a period of supporting her, Andrey decided enough was enough, declaring that she was sacrificing her life for the sake of her dog and she must be crazy to do that.  Andrey told her she should put Uni to sleep and the vets did not give Diana any hope either.

Diana made a dog wheelchair for her dog and was so engrossed in her dog’s care she start to neglect the preparations for their wedding, so Andrey told her to make her choice.

Diana chose the dog.

Not long after, Diana discovered she was pregnant but this has still not changed her mind.  Diana commented:

“How can I betray an old friend? I will be taking care of him till the end. Soon I’ll be taking two prams for a walk.”

Given the circumstances, would you give up on your dog?


  • No I would not give up on my dog if I was in this same circumstance. It is hard for some people to grasp how much a dog to mean to his or her owner so at times this can be deal breaker. If only humans could love us as unconditionally as our dogs do.

    Stay strong Diana, your dog loves you for it. With the amazing products available today Uni can live a happy, healthy life.

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