Moving abroad with your puppy

Moving house is reportedly the most stressful time after divorce for adults. It is no different for your puppy or your dog either.  Here are a few tips to help when moving abroad, according to the mode of transport:

Moving your puppy by aeroplane:

Airlines can be accommodating and let you place your puppy in a special carrier under your seat for the journey. There is a size requirement with most airlines so a puppy will not cause too much inconvenience.

Extra care should be taken to see your puppy is not too hot or too cold and has an item of your clothing for comfort.

Moving by car:

If you have decided to take the journey by car, your puppy will be more comfortable as you and your family are familiar. One of the considerations should be how much space there is in the car and if there is the opportunity on route for your puppy to have food and toilet breaks.

Long distance removal vans:

When you are making arrangements to have your furniture and belongings moved to your new house and you feel your puppy will be stressed in your car, try booking a specialist pet moving company.

There are a few pet moving companies who specialise in looking after pets in general. This service ensures there is no additional stress or anxiety for you and your puppy. Naturally it can be more expensive but can be worth it.