Mr Dog becomes Cesar

Cesar is a well known brand of dog food aimed at small dogs, but few people who buy Cesar for their dog realise that the brand was originally named something very different, something aimed specifically at male dogs, or stud dogs, rather than bitches.

Indeed, Cesar was originally named ‘Mr Dog’, which despite its name was still very successful at the time. However, the fact that ‘Mr Dog’ clearly alienated bitches was a cause for concern for the manufacturers, and a cause for a comedy routine for Eddie Izzard. Eddie made fun at the way the makers of Mr Dog decided to rebrand their product to Cesar, claiming that small dogs weren’t exactly reminiscent of Roman Emperors.

Anyone who’s owned a small dog however, will know that they do in fact bear a resemblance to a Roman Emperor at times!

Especially when you’re late giving them their Cesar, or Mr Dog.

The excerpt from Eddie Izzard’s comedy routine can be seen here.