My Chemical Romance drummer sues celebrity dog trainer

My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar is in the process of suing a celebrity dog trainer over the death of his beloved dog.

Bryar’s dog, Dixie, was a former rescue dog and a German Shepherd cross breed.  In April of this year, Bryar alleges he paid a celebrity dog trainer, Daniel Schaffer, $7,500 (£5,000) for intensive dog training at the kennels of the self-proclaimed ‘dog trainer to the stars’ to help her adjust to a new household pet.  He claims Dixie died whilst in Schaffer’s care and she was cremated before being returned to him. Bryar commented to People magazine:

“I don’t even know what happened to my best friend and miss her more than anything in the world. The devastation I feel is beyond words.”

Bryar has filed a lawsuit in California claiming he received a telephone call saying Dixie had died in a car accident when a drunk driver crashed into Schaffer’s car.  Two days later, he was told she had been

“cremated due to her condition”

Bryar’s lawsuit also alleges that when Schaffer received a request for a police report of the car crash, the story was then changed saying the dog died in her sleep.  This raised the musician’s suspicions that the circumstances of her death were different to the details he was given.  The lawsuit claims fraud, negligence, break of contract as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Schaffer has reportedly failed to comment on the case.


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