Name your dog after – the gynaecologist

What to name a dog, or how to choose the name, is something every family struggles with, but it was no problem for one Devonshire lady who named her dog after her gynaecologist.

Elaine Newton, 54, from East Devon says Dr Nigel Colley saved her life when he quickly diagnosed and treated her illness. In what she believes to be the ultimate tribute, she named her four legged hairy terrier after him.

Elaine said: “Dr Colley is an absolutely fantastic doctor and I owe my life to him. I used to have a bit of banter with him. I used to say ‘if I have a pet, I’ll name it after you.’ He just laughed – he didn’t think I was serious. It’s a term of endearment.”

Mother of two Elaine had a hysterectomy aged 29 and afterwards suffered from ovarian cysts that kept painfully rupturing. Although the majority of cysts are harmless and small, sometimes they can cause serious problems and even infection. Occasionally, it can lead to ovarian cancer.

As Elaine did not want the major surgery that normally follows, Dr Colley suggested the cysts were drained, which needed to be done every six weeks making Elaine possibly one of the first females in Devon to have this less intrusive treatment. Elaine had the treatment for more than fifteen years and eventually did have the ovaries removed.

She said: “We became very good friends and I could talk to him about anything. I felt safe while he was treating me. Dr Colley was so comforting, just a wonderful person. He cared about all his patients. I suppose in a way I had a crush on him.”

Elaine adds that Mike, her husband, also thinks Dr Colley was a great doctor.

Dr Colley has yet to meet his namesake but commented:

“Quite often I’ve heard of children being named after an obstetrician, but this is quite an unusual one.”

95 percent of ovarian cysts, which are very common, are non-cancerous.

So, next time you’re looking for how to name a dog, perhaps consider your doctor!