Naming your dog

Once you have chosen your puppy, or should I say your puppy has chosen you, and the puppy has been introduced to his new home and you have been introduced to little puddles of excitement, then the naming ceremony can begin.

You should try calling him (or her) by one name and another until the decision is made to choose a name which is the most suitable for this loveable but mischievous character.

You know the name, now all that is required is that puppy knows it as well.


Your puppy will learn to pay attention when he hears his name if you say it when something nice happens.

The Puppy will respond and look at you to see what is going to happen when you say it.

Once he has started to respond to his name you can use it to get him to look at you just before you ask him to do something before training.

However there is no need to use his name if you already have his attention.

Use the name if he looks away or is not paying attention to you.


Have patience and encourage and reward good behaviour as the puppy learns to trust you.