Natural health remedies for dogs continue to grow

Whether you have bought a puppy recently or you are a dog owner with an more mature dog, there is a tendency nowadays to worry over choosing the best health care for your pet.  As a result, natural healthcare for dogs is an expanding business and food nutrition is high on the list along with natural medication.

A dog’s requirement may vary according to the size and breed of the dog.  If you own a working dog, he or she will require a balanced diet of vegetables, wholegrain and of course not forgetting a good protein such as meat.

The effort you make to keep the dog on a balanced diet will help with their bones being kept supple and their skin in a glowing healthy condition.

Toxins that build up in your pet’s body will be eliminated to allow full movement of their body for many years.
Aromatherapy oils and plant extracts are now available to assist in the treatment of certain ailments.  Check out some herbal remedies such as Oats for itchy skin, Lavender for sleep and Calendula for cuts and wounds.

Many veterinary surgeons are now using complementary therapies with their modern medicines. It is important you consult your vet if your dog is unwell and be sure to tell them everything your dog is eating or being treated with.


  • I like that more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of natural products for dogs. From the food and bones we choose for our dogs to the topical products we choose to use on them, my wife and I like to stay natural because that is what we choose for ourselves. Our veterinarian directed us Enlightapet, herbal formulas that are all natural and really have helped our pets with hot spots and joint issues. Thank you for writing this piece.
    ~Greg N.

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