Nestle ad appeals directly to your dog

Nestle, the biggest food company on the planet, has unveiled a new ad which is directly targeted at dogs.

In a break from making ads featuring a cherubic blonde kid, dressed as a cowboy and being free and easy with his Milky Bars, the advertisement looks to attract the attention of dogs with a mixture of sounds, some of which may already be familiar to your pet.

As is the way of advertising, the ad looks to attract the attention of humans as well. In a statement issued by Nestle Purina, it says:

“Nestle Purina has created the first-ever television commercial especially for dogs.”

“The TV commercial to be screened on Austrian television uses different sounds — including a high frequency tone — to capture the attention of four-legged friends and their owners.”

The ad will feature a ‘squeak’ designed to sound like many dogs toys that are on the market. A high pitched pinging sound will also be emitted, along with a high frequency note that is beyond the range of the human hearing threshold, but well within your pet’s.

It is not the first time that the food giant has tailored a product specifically for dogs. Two months ago, it unveiled an ice cream specifically for pooches that are lactose intolerant – in other words, whose digestive systems are unable to cope with the demands of dairy products.

The ad is due to air first in Austria, and as yet there is no word on whether it will debut on UK screens.

So far, there is no word on what imagery will be used in the ad. Here at Dream Dogs, we can only surmise that it will feature a postman’s ankle; a fat, lazy cat with no teeth or claws and a broken leg; and very possibly, another dog’s bum.