New breed of dog could make ideal guard dog

huskinois puppyA new puppy, ‘one of a kind’, born just a few days could grow up to be the ideal guard dog, one of the world’s best, according to a dog breeder this week.

The newborn puppy is female and fits in the palm of the hand. As yet unnamed, this little puppy is light brown in colour and is the first known cross breed of a stud dog Siberian Husky and the mother Belgian Malinois. The new breed is named the ‘Huskinois’.

Dog breeder Darren Debenham, owner of DK9 Security Services of Ipswich, Suffolk, said the Huskinois could be perfect for the military or the police as the dog breed should have the speed and stamina of the stud dog, a Siberian Husky, and the ‘guard dog’ attributes of the mother, a Belgian Malinois.

The puppy was born last Sunday and Mr Debenham said:

“People have been trying to breed the two dogs for years but for some reason they would not breed and the pups died hours after they were born. We believe this is the only one in the world and we hope now we can create a bigger and better breed. We wanted to breed the two because the Belgian Malinois is a very fast and active dog and they can get to great speeds. They also have a high prey drive, but they do tend to over-heat and get tired very quickly.

“With the Siberian Husky they can get to great speeds and can run great distances with their stamina. So now we have a Malinois which can run that little bit further and be that little bit bulkier.”

“She has doubled in size over the first few days – I can’t wait to see what she turns out like. We haven’t actually named her yet, we are waiting for suggestions from the public, but we have decided on the name of the breed – it is going to be called a Huskinois.”

Mr Debenham sells his puppies and young dogs worldwide to the military, police and even celebrities and he said other dog breeders from around the world in Canada and the US ‘couldn’t believe it’ when they heard the news. This little puppy has certainly caused a stir at just a few days old and will be receiving a lot of visitors over the next couple of weeks.


  • This makes no sense and is entirely ridiculous (and stupid).

    Why would you pair a dog that is known to be low on the scale of biddability, high on the scale of independence, and low (basement low) in terms of caring about guarding something, with a dog that already EXCELS in guard work and has a TON of stamina to begin with?!

  • Hi , has this breed actally be resgierd as a pedigree dog yet? , because if not then this ” new breed” is still classed as a cross bred no matter what genes it has. At 15 years of age i am studing the world of dog breeding and cross breedig and can say that you may have been the first to breed them but you have to have full proof , and you have to make many pups and not inbreed intill you get two unrelated adult dogs that fit the standers you want breed them and then you have to have at least seven genrations of bloodline to show the judges of dogs so they can actally resigrer this new breed. Good luck 🙂

  • Has this dog survived? I’ve not seen/heard of any update and was just curious as to were it is and how this super dog has worked out.

  • I think this is a great idea! I’ve always liked both breeds and think the mix would be great when trained!

  • This is not the first time a Belgian malinois & Siberian husky have been breed together. Our female Malinois breed with our Husky & we got 5 beautiful puppies from them, we still have one of their pups who is now 4 Yeats old & the best dog, she is very much like her mum but has a similar coat to her dad but more her mums colours. alot of people think she is a German Shepard. We ended up having 13 pups all up from them & all turned into great looking dogs.

  • Hi .I have made a mix between a female Belgian malinois and husky before I know or read about haskinois.i got 6 puppies .I left one male at my home . He’s now 3 month and 12kgs . he’s very beautiful and obedient. He learn quickly .a little aggressive.his instinct of protection is very high. I love him so much.

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