New dog ownership bill called for by groups

Campaigners for Animal welfare are set to join MPs, trade unionists and vets to try to encourage the Government to continue with the planned reform of the dog ownership law that is considered “irresponsible“.

Organisations which include, the Police Federation, the Communication Workers Union, the Kennel Club, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Royal Mail are all showing their support for a petition that is trying to bring in a new Bill that will help bring dog control legislation up to date. They are hoping that this will be incorporated in the Queen’s Speech next year.

The groups will be going to Parliament with their case and want the new proposed Bill to include matters of

‘irresponsible dog ownership’

such as, no fouling or straying away from owners, not to use your dog as a weapon and no allowing or encouraging your dog to be getting out of hand in such a way that is considered dangerous and could contribute to or encourage anti-social behaviour.

Shadow food and farming minister, Huw Irranca Davies, stated:

“Despite last year’s consultation on dangerous dogs, and assurances from the Prime Minister to discuss the topic, the Government has failed to address what the organisations all agree is inadequate legislation that does not sufficiently protect the public, worker safety and animal welfare.”

“The organisations and MPs here … cover a wide range of interests and areas. However, we are united in our agreement that enough is enough and urgent action is needed to improve the current laws regarding irresponsible dog ownership.”