New home for blind Great Dane and trusty guide dog

It’s the end result that everyone wanted for blind Great Dane, Lily and her friend Maddison, who is now her guide dog.

When readers of the Daily Mail heard of these two special dogs searching for a home together, they were inundated with dog lovers everywhere offering to give them a loving home.

The family deemed most suitable to continue the care for these dogs was the Williams family from Crewe in Cheshire. The dogs will now leave their current home at the Dogs Trust centre in Shrewsbury and will start their new lives at a new home.

Lily, now six, was just a young puppy when it was discovered she was suffering from a rare condition that meant her eyelashes started to grow inwards, into her eyes, causing incurable damage to her eyesight.

Thankfully, her canine friend Maddison, now seven, led Lily everywhere and started to function as her eyes. The two are now always together and Lily makes sure she touches Lily to ensure she knows the way.

The dog’s owner at the time found it difficult to care for the two dogs after this terrible incident and had to send them to the centre for re-homing.

Anne and Len Williams, saw the news story and immediately knew they wanted with the two dogs. They put an offer in for the dogs and were delighted when the trust accepted it.

Mrs Williams spoke about the dogs, saying:

‘We’ve always had two dogs together, I like them to have company and so taking on two of them wasn’t a daunting prospect. My daughter moved out five months ago, taking her two English setters with her, so the house has felt a little quiet without them.

‘We live in the countryside and I miss having a reason to go for a walk – I can’t wait to take the dogs out with us. We’ve also got a lovely big garden so it’s the perfect setting for two huge dogs.’

Manager of the Dogs Trust in Shrewsbury, Louise Campbell said: ‘This is the happy ending we were all hoping for and everyone is delighted for Lily and Maddison.

‘The Williams family were the perfect match and we know they’ll give the dogs all the love and fuss they so deserve.’