New social networking site launches for pet owners

The social media boom has taken the world by storm over the last decade, with the biggest player, Facebook, boasting over 1.2 billion worldwide accounts.

As more and more people log on to these websites to interact with friends and family, upload photos, read news and share content, new social networking ideas are being introduced on a regular basis. One idea which has turned out to be a particular hit is YummyPets, an online network catering specifically for pet owners and their animals.

Since the website first launched in France in 2012, it has attracted over 150,000 users and being a nation of animal lovers, the UK’s launch is expected to be equally as successful.

YummyPets is exclusive to pets and their masters, making it possible for people with similar animal-related interests to communicate with ease. The easy-to-use platform appeals to all ages and over 500 pets are joining the website every day in France. In a press release, founder ‘Leo the cat’ said:

“I thought that the great pets of Great Britain should have the chance to join the social media world and interact as part of a community that knows them best.”

A number of useful features are bundled into this unique social network, including classified advertisements, where pet owners can sell and purchase pet-related products. Additionally, users can communicate on the discussion forums, instant message other pet owners in their area, create notices for missing pets and launch memorial pages to honour their furry friends.