New survey shows how dogs put the dampers on Brits’ love lives

A new survey has revealed how having a pet dog is wreaking havoc with the love lives of Brits.

A recent study, which was commissioned to coincide with the release of movie Marmaduke on DVD, asked 3,000 pet owners how having a pet impacted on their relationships.

Amazingly, nearly one in five said that they would prefer to have a pet dog than a relationship. In fact, dog owners proved to be particularly picky about how a pooch factored into their love-lives; 81 per cent of them declared that they would not date anybody who didn’t get on with their pet. This was opposed to cat owners, of whom 57 per cent would not put up with frosty relations between puss and their partner.

couple with a dogThose taking part in the survey were also quizzed about how tactile they were with their pet as opposed to their partner. An amazing 36 per cent stroke their pet more than they touch their partner – the figures were especially high among those owning smaller breeds of dog.

Overall, more than a third of cat owners and a quarter of dog owners would rather have a pet than a child.

The report revealed that owning a pet could be a source of animosity between couples; 11 per cent felt jealous of the time their partner spent with their pet, 12 per cent felt that the animal was having a negative effect on their relationship and 13 per cent had a sneaking suspicion that their partner loved their pet more than they did them.

Dog relationship expert Steven Havers said:

“The dynamic between people and their pets can be a complicated one, as relationships with both the humans and the animals we share our lives with require a lot time and attention.”

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