New York copper rescues woman and her dogs from fire

New York copper Walter Hetzel saved Jame Taylor and her four dogs from a fire as she was unawares of the blaze at the time. Officer Hezel kicked down her door to rescue her, even though he was off duty at the time and doing some Christmas shopping with his wife.

It looked like the fire was already really gone, I could see flames..

Jamie Taylor was on her own in the house, save for her four dogs and a cat. Three of the dogs were Puggles, a cross between a Beagle female and a Pug male, named Cucci, Trouble and Cuddles. Officer Hetzel grabbed the dogs and took them out of the back door. The other dog, Bear, was a Great Pyrenees, remained in the house.

Then two of the Puggles ran back in looking for Bear. Taylor wanted to follow them, but was stopped by Hetzel as the house was ablaze. He told her the dogs weren’t worth dying for, but Taylor argued:

This is worth dying over, those dogs are like my children.

As they were struggling the fire department showed up, and together with Heztel entered the burning house to rescue the dogs once again.

Taylor stated:

I was screaming on my lawn for my dogs, screaming their names to get them out. Animals are everything to us.

All four dogs had to stay in overnight for monitoring, Bear with singed fur and Cuddles in a serious condition. Taylor is eternally grateful to Heztel for saving her and her dogs.

I owe my life to this guy. He deserves some kind of reward or something. He definitely did save my life and my dogs.