New York Dog breeder will not face charges

New York officials have said that a US man, who bred his dogs on his own premises, will not face cruelty charges after losing around 20 Italian Mastiffs in a fire in his 20-by-20-foot shed in his backyard.

The director of Westchester County’s SPCA, Ernest Lungaro, has stated that, from the evidence collected and from how things appeared at the shed, he believed the owner had not intentionally caused harm to the animals.

The director has now come out and said that he confirms the dogs had died from an accidental fire at the owner’s premises.

It appears now that the fire was started as a result of one of the many space heaters that were housed in the Greenburgh shed malfunctioning.

The owner of the dogs, Ross Taylor, spoke to the Journal News and told them of how the whole incident had been a horrible accident and that he was really missing his dogs.

This isn’t the last of the incident for Taylor however, as he faces a list of other code violations, one being that he was breeding his dogs whilst in a residential area.

According to officials, this isn’t the first time there has been a problem with Taylor. Back in 2006, his dog breeding business had been shut down and, as far as they were concerned, that had been the last of the troubles. However, it now appears that Taylor had started up his dog breeding business once again and this will have to be looked into further.