New Zealand dog shoots owner

Following on from the awful news yesterday of an American man who shot his dog six times, it seems that the canine world is fighting back with a bit of retribution. An unnamed dog in New Zealand (who’s breed hasn’t been revealed either, but odds are it was a German shepherd after yesterday) has shot his owner.

However, unlike yesterday’s news of the callous dog shooting, this New Zealand dog only shot his owner once, and it ‘appears’ to have been an accident. The dog’s owner, who also hasn’t been named to save his own embarrassment, was climbing into his 4×4 with some friends after they had slaughtered a pig, when his dog jumped in behind him. The dog (making the whole thing look accidental) landed on the .22 bolt action rifle, which the unnamed man believed to have been unloaded.

He was wrong… the gun was loaded and a shell was fired, hitting him square on his left butt cheek.

The incident happened on the North Island of New Zealand, at Te Kopuru. The victim was airlifted from the scene and taken the nearby hospital of Whangarei, where he was described as being in ‘extreme pain’.

Things could have gone a lot worse for the New Zealand man, especially had the dog aimed two inches to the right, and two inches lower!

This of course isn’t the first time that a dog has shot his owner, it’s actually very common – but usually in America it has to be said.