North Clwyd Animal Rescue

The North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) is a registered charity based in North Wales, close to Holywell and they offer temporary homes for animals that need it, and in many cases, this means dogs.

In 2008, the charity took in 660 dogs in fact, 463 of which were rehomes and 174 were reclaimed by their owners.

Unlike some charities, the North Clwyd Animal Rescue can house a dog for a long time.  Last year, they finally rehomed one of their long-timers, Alfie the Bull Terrier, who had been living there for four years!

Naturally, like almost all charites, the NCAR relied heavily on funds and donations from the public and although they do have some corporate support, MBNA in Chester for example, it is individuals that make a real difference.

Regular funding is the best because it means the charity can make plans and maintain their day to day running costs and they offer an Adopt a Kennel scheme where you can adopt a dog kennel for just £5 per month.  Those who partake in this scheme receive a newsletter, get their name on a kennel and receive updates on the dogs who take home in the kennel.

The NCAR also runs events throughout the year on an almost monthly basis, including race nights, a fun dog show, an Easter Open Day and others.

For more details, see the North Clwyd Animal Rescue website or telephone 01745 560546.