Novel about Royal dog released

A new book detailing the fictional adventures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog is available to the public.

The author of the novel, Aby King, was inspired to pen the book after her pet Cocker Spaniel, Lilly, bolted into the gardens of Kensington Gardens. The author chased Lilly into the gardens, and with the help of two guards was able to catch her.

This little adventure allowed King to briefly glimpse the normally hidden palace gardens, which inspired her to wonder what the life of a Royal dog would be like. She decided to write a story using a real privileged pooch as the central character, choosing Lupo.

In 2011, Lupo, a Cocker Spaniel, was given to the Duchess as a Christmas present by her mother. Since then, the hound has been a huge part of the couples’ life. He has appeared in many photos with the royal couple, including those that celebrated the birth of Prince George.

The book is called The Adventures of a Royal Dog: Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle. It was inspired by The Magic Faraway Tree, written by Enid Blyton, so is primarily a children’s book. However, the Royal connection and the fact that it is about dogs means that the novel may gain a number of adult fans as well.

Members of the Royal Family feature in the book, but the main character is Lupo. His adventures with the other palace animals and his special bond with the baby prince are the main components of the story.