Overweight dog put on a diet

At this time over year everyone looks to shed those Christmas pounds and heads for the gym, or at the very least cuts down on the alcohol and fatty foods; it’s one of the most popular of New Year’s resolutions.

Losing weight and getting in shape for the New Year isn’t something that’s exclusive to humans though, as even dogs like to lose weight too. Patch is a six-year-old Beagle cross, and is grossly overweight, so much so that he is unable to walk. Patch was handing into Glasgow’s Dogs Trust centre before Christmas when his owner died, and weighed a staggering 28kg at the time.

Due to his weight he was unable to walk, or even stand, because his legs were not strong enough.

As a result of his weight Patch has been put on a heavy diet to get him back into shape, with staff hoping to get Patch down to 15kg.

Victoria Kelly from the Dogs Trust in Glasgow said:

We get a lot of overfed dogs in the centre, but nothing to the extent of Patch.

As soon as he came in we knew something needed to be done.

Because of his massive weight Patch is very unhealthy and is at risk of a number of illnesses, including heart failure and arthritis. Just like humans though, Patch has to be careful on his diet because if he drops the weight too quickly he risks organ failure.

Patch is embarking on a series of short walks (albeit while wearing a special harness) and some intense hydrotherapy.

Victoria Kelly added:

Dogs that have been overfed can exercise to reduce their weight.

What has happened with Patch is that his weight has prevented him exercising.

We are looking for a home to work quite closely with us, but also somebody who can avoid falling for the charms of his big brown eyes, pleading for treats.