Owen Wilson to star in Marmaduke

600full-owen-wilsonFresh from his success in the romantic comedy dog movie ‘Marley & Me’ where he starred as the much troubled owner of Marley, alongside Jennifer Aniston, Wilson is set to star as a dog in his next dog related movie. Owen Wilson will provide the voice for the loveable but very large Great Dane, Marmaduke, in a movie based on the popular comic strip.

The plot of the film follows Marmaduke’s owners, the Wilson family (oddly enough), as they relocate to Orange County with their Great Dane. Marmaduke has a habit of causing trouble, and even starts a war against pedigree dogs. However, Marmaduke finds his allegiance tested when he falls for a pedigree bitch.

The film will be in the same vein as Garfield and the Scooby Doo movies, blending live action with CGI dogs. Lee Pace, William H. Macy and Judy Greer star in the film as humans, and the dog voices are provided by Black Eyed Peas lead singer Fergie, comedian Steve Coogan, the Wayans brothers and of course Owen Wilson as Marmaduke.

The film is expected to feature in cinemas in the summer of 2010 and should be one of the big comedy hits of the year.