Owner training for London dog owners

You’ve heard of dog training for dogs that just haven’t learned to behave, well now Westminster Council is offering ‘owner training’ for dog owners who need to be taught manners.

The notion has come around because a wealth of complaints from locals in the Queen’s Park area that dog owners aren’t picking up their dogs’ mess, and they don’t know how to control their dogs. According to the BBC, the council is making £5,000 available for the classes, which it will be offering for free, for dog owners in North-West London.

The classes are being held with a view to showing dog owners how they should be handling their pets, and how to train them. It will also include information of diet and exercise, including walking on a lead, as many dogs are being allowed to run free off the lead without any control from the hapless owners.

Residents of the area have complained about the dogs fouling in the streets, and dogs being out of control.

Picking up the dog’s mess is one of the main points of the courses.

Chrissie Chambers is a dog trainer, and he said about the scheme:

The classes are called socialising as it is to socialise people and their dogs and to try and give them a better perception of different breeds and owners. Young people, many of whom have pets for macho reasons or as a fashion accessory, are generally given quite a bad reputation…but a majority of them are good owners and want to learn to socialise.

Complaints about dogs in the area also included dogs that had been left at home barking while their owners were at work. To combat this dog owners will be taught about ‘Seperation Anxiety’ so they are able to curb their dog’s barking when they are left home alone.