Owning a dog is woof on your wallet

The results of a brand new study have revealed the average amount of money that we spend on our pet dogs during their lifetime – and it’s nothing to be sniffed at.

The survey, conducted by Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, showed that the typical dog owner parted ways with an incredible £16,900 over the course of 13 years.

If your dog is blessed with a longer lifespan, it could potentially double the cost. If your pet was to live for 20 years, you can expect to shell out a grand total of £27,000.

When the costs were broken down, dog food swallowed up 33 per cent of the money dog owners had spent. Veterinarian bills were less, weighing in at 15 per cent.

Helen Williams, who is the current head of Sainsbury’s pet insurance division, explained why the costs spiralled as the dogs lived a longer lifespan. She said:

“Looking after a pet dog or cat properly can involve a significant financial commitment.”

“Costs can escalate as pets get older as they often need extra medical care and attention; with advances in veterinary treatment and better diets many will live well beyond their average life expectancy.”

Considering that the UK is regarded as a nation of dog lovers, the amount forked out for gifts and treats made up a fraction of the total – £121 in all. However, it’s not clear from the results if creature comforts such as luxury dog beds or premium brand chew toys are regarded as treats.

Here at Dream Dogs, we always recommend that you consider the cost of owning a dog before getting one – this study illustrates exactly why!