Pablo the drug mule dog talks to Frank

A dog has been used in the recent series of adverts from the Home Office in an effort to warn of the dangers of taking cocaine. The dog’s name is Pablo, and he’s a drug mule dog. Sadly the use of dogs to brings drugs into the UK is all too real, as dogs are forced to swallow cocaine in bags and carry them through customs.

The hard-hitting advert is very graphic, so much so that it’s only shown after the watershed, but the message it packs is a very serious and powerful one. Unlike other adverts about cocaine, the advert doesn’t glamorise the drug at all, and Pablo the dog (voiced by comedian David Mitchell) comments on the sad nature of the cocaine addicted users in the campaign.

This video features an ITN news broadcast where Alan Campbell, the Home Office minister, explains the meaning of the campaign and what they were hoping to achieve.

The video does contain some graphic imagery, but the message it carries is an important one, and the use of a dog ensures that dog lovers will be behind the message and in support of Frank, the charity that offers help for people involved in the world of drugs.