Paris Hilton has a new dog

Perennial socialite Paris Hilton, known for her fashionable handbag dogs, has hit the doggie headlines once again this week with news that she has a new dog – and yes, it’s another breed that will fit nicely into her purse.

Paris was spotted out and about in Los Angeles by the Daily Mail, carrying her new puppy in a handbag that matched her outfit. Paris was shopping in LA for new pet supplies, and she’ll be in need of some dog food and other supplies after admitting recently to owning 17 different dogs. This new addition takes her tally to 18!

Presumably not one of her dogs is larger than a handbag though.

Paris was joined by sister Nicky as the pair looked for pet supplies for her large pack of tiny dogs. According to celebrity news website, Paris’ sister Nicky also bought some cat food for her moggies.

Whether you’re a fan of small dogs such as Chihuahuas or not, you have to hand it to Paris Hilton; she is one of the most famous dog owners out there, and she lavishes love and money on her dogs in equal measures.