Parrots play catch with family dog

This week, the Daily Mail reported how two exotic parrots love to wreak havoc raiding the local apple trees and playing catch with the family dog, Flitzer.

The two year old female Macaws are called Mio and Ava and live in Hamburg, Germany with their dog and owner Julian Knott.

25 year old Julian told the newspaper how the dog and the parrots love to play games together, which are sometimes started by the birds and at other times by the dog himself.

Julian said:

“.. in the blink of an eye the hunter becomes the hunted and Flitzer follows the Macaws.  We let them out each morning and it only takes a few minutes before they have emptied the apple tree.”

The birds have a wingspan of 130cm so are pretty big playmates for this dog.

Pictured here, courtesy of the Daily Mail, are the two Macaws and the family dog, Flitzer.  For more pictures of the trio playing together and to read the full story, visit the Daily Mail site.