Paws for thought for your dog’s paws

Dogs spend so much time running, jumping and generally frolicking about that it is not really a surprise that their paws can suffer the consequences. Examining your dog’s paws regularly should help to keep them healthy. By doing this you can find a small problem and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem, or a costly one. Here is a quick summary about the main dangers that your pooch’s paws may face.

If your dog is always biting or licking their paws this usually points towards an allergic reaction. Your vet will help to diagnose what it is that your dog is allergic to. A painful problem for your dog could be a torn or fractured nail after they have caught the nail on something. Make sure that you do not attempt to remove the nail by yourself; instead get a vet to do it. The nail should eventually grow back unless the trauma suffered to the nail was too severe.

dogs pawsA cut on a dog’s paw is a very common problem in dogs and is hardly surprising with the terrain that our dogs love to explore. A simple clean up with an antiseptic gel and cover with a dog sock should be effective to prevent the dog from constantly licking the wound.

Again cracked and dry paw pads is something that usually happens in most dogs over time. Asking your vet for a moisturiser is the most simple and effective way to help. It is important that you do not apply the moisturiser too often as it can wear the pads down and make them soft and sensitive.

Long toenails should always be trimmed down. You can do this yourself or, if you are uncomfortable with this, a dog groomer or a vet will do it. It will be more comfortable for your dog to walk if their toenails are regularly clipped.

If your dog likes running a lot and is going over either very hot or very cold terrain it may be useful to invest in some doggie boots that will protect their paws and save them from injuries.