Peacocks refuse to let blind man in their store

David Walker was doing some Christmas shopping in the Welsh town of Pontefract last week, when he was refused entry to his branch of Peacocks. He wasn’t a trouble making yob, nor was he banned from the store. His crime was that he was blind, and he was walking with the aid of his guide dog, Maisie.

Fifty-three-year-old David and his fifty-one-year-old wife Gillian were shocked to be refused entry to the Peacocks store. David stated:

It was very embarrassing. They kept saying ‘No dogs, no dogs’. They said it two or three times.

We were also with our personal assistant Nicky and she tried to explain to them that Maisie is a guide dog but they kept ushering us towards the door to get out.

We didn’t want to stay and argue.

I felt hurt by it. It hurt our feelings. I just couldn’t understand it.

We have been many times before, most of our clothes are from there, but we certainly won’t be going there again.

Whether they sort it out or not, I have had enough. We were absolutely disgusted by it.

This comes after a spate of incidents where the blind and their guide dogs have been discriminated against, such as the hospital that refused to let a man wait for his wife, and the taxi company that refused to let a woman and her guide dog in one of their cars.

A Peacocks spokeswoman stated:

Peacocks are happy to allow guide dogs into their stores.

The misunderstanding occurred when a new member of staff asked for clarification on the store policy.

Unfortunately before he was able to confirm this to the customer they had left the premises. We apologise for any confusion.

Whether this apology from Peacocks will make up for the embarrassment for David Walker and his wife remains to be seen.


  • A misunderstanding. This comes from the fact that the employers do not clarify what is and what isn’t. Therefore employees of such places interperates what they feel like doing. Unfortunately people with disabilities with their guides/service dogs are getting harassed and singled out. It’s embarrassing to be treated less then other customers whom don’t need a guide dog to get around. Businesses no matter what country needs to be better educated.

  • I too am outraged at this employee. A ‘misunderstanding”?? No, this was a crime in the breaking of the law. Employers MUST educate new employees as a part of their training process the Service Animals laws. I am sorry that the couple did not stay longer and fight.

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