Pet dogs get ‘high’ off neighbours cannabis

A pensioner discovered a neighbours’ cannabis farm after her pet West Highland terrier dogs became ‘high’.

66 year old Valerie Bailey noticed her dogs acting out of character and detected a strange smell in her bedroom. The former hairdresser alerted her local police who stormed her neighbours’ semi-detached home to find over 200 cannabis plants.

Mrs Bailey explained to the media that the fumes from the drugs were causing both she and her husband David, 69 years old, to feel ill.

She stated:

“It was incredibly hot upstairs in our house and my husband and I could detect this strong smell which was making us both cough. It’s been terrible. My cough got so bad I had to have a course of anti-biotics and my husband David has got leukaemia so it hasn’t helped his chest at all. I don’t know what cannabis smells like but we guessed that was what it must be.

“I am sure my dogs were affected. We have two little West Highland terriers. I noticed I was having trouble waking up one of them in the morning which was very unusual.”

In the next door neighbours’ house, the police officers discovered two of the three bedrooms were full of large cannabis plants growing beneath lights controlled by 12 hour timers. The third bedroom was also being prepared for plants and even the bathroom was full of bottles of Monster Bloom plant food.

According to police, the two ‘gardeners’ that had been looking after the cannabis plants were believed to be Vietnamese and had not been seen since Bank Holiday Monday so arrests have yet to be made.

The neighbourhood specialist police constable for the Tilehurst area, Tim Emery explained that drug producers often chose property in respectable areas to produce cannabis like this in order to avoid attracting attention to themselves.

It is understood that both the Baileys and their West Highland terriers are in good health.


  • if these people knew the truth about cannabis they would know that cannabis is good for astmatics (smoking cannbis isnt) and cures certian cancers inc lukemia if used right!!

    you tube run from the cure and you will find out more.

    dogs dont get high from the smell of cannabis, the dog was excited at the smell of the cannabis been grown. no person or animal can get high on cannabis unless its ingested or heated up above 175 degree farenhight, this just prove how little people know about a plant that is less harmful than caffine. some people feed children and pets with daily and then moan about cannabis!
    i dont like seing untue facts put up on the internet so sorry about this facual post
    regards jim (pinky) starr

  • This woman is so, so stupid. Cannabis has a dilatory effect on the lungs, IE. it opens up the airways, which is why, as the poster above me notes, it is used to help asthma. And since the plant only releases the psychoactive chemicals when burned, it would be impossible to get “high” from the aroma of the unburned plant. What a stupid woman, the world would be a better place if we didn’t have people like her perpetuating gross misinformation.

  • More cannabis nonsense.

    As Jonathan correctly points out it is impossible to get high from the aroma of cannabis, which also happens to be one of the nicest smells in the world.

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