Pet insurance company pays out after dog eats a beehive

As any dog owner will tell you, it’s important to have an adequate pet insurance policy. Dogs can get into all sorts of strife, and without comprehensive dog insurance you could be landed with an out of control bill from your vets. However, there are some things that you wouldn’t think a pet insurance policy would cover – such as if your dog became ill after eating an entire beehive full of bees.

That’s just what happened recently to a dog in America, obviously. Ellie, a Labrador, recently ate an entire beehive full of dead bees, and the pesticides that killed them. Naturally, after eating this strange lunch she became very ill and required veterinary care, but thankfully was fine after a few weeks. In true American style, Ellie has been awarded the official prize of the most unusual pet insurance claim in America, given out by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co (VPI).

Ellie’s beehive eating antics won her first place amid stiff competition from other danger seeking dogs such as the border collie who, attempting to get at the postman, ran straight through a window and the terrier who decided to bite into a chainsaw.

Despite her winning the prize, her award is perhaps a little ruff on her as she was presented with a bronze trophy that looked like a ham. Presumably if she tries to bite into it she’ll need further veterinary care and can be entered into next year’s contest as well.

Dog eats a beehive

She did also get some dog toys and treats though, so they should keep her away from the beehives for a few days at least.

A spokesperson for the VPI commented:

“Ellie may be a young dog, but she’s already managed to eat everything from wooden toy train tracks to laptop computer keys. So the beehive in the backyard was just another culinary adventure for this insatiable pooch.”

Despite the entrants eating beehives, smashing through windows and chowing down on chainsaws, they are all, incredibly, fine after their exploits.