Pets more like humans according to survey

An online dog related survey carried out by online shopping comparison website, Kelkoo, has resulted in some surprising statistics.

It shows that pampered pets are being elevated more frequently to human status with as many as 28% of pet owners allowing their dogs to share their bed. The same amount of people spoils their pets with presents at Christmas and birthdays and 6% of people allow their pets to eat food from their plates.

The UK is home to over 40 million pets and the research, which asked 1,121 pet owners in the UK, revealed the growing special bond that people share with their pets which does not seem to know any bounds. 18% of owners asked said that they treat their pet like a child. 9% of dog owners said they prefer to spend time with their pets than another family member. Pets are also giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘top dog’ as 6% claim that their pet is top of the pecking order in their household. This relationship between pets and humans extends beyond the grave with 12% of people investing in professional crematorium services for dogs.

As a result of us pampering pets so much the cost of maintaining animals has also significantly increased. Dogs, while being voted the UK’s most loved pet, are also the most costly to keep. It is thought that a dog will accumulate costs of around £8,602 during their lifetime.

It is also thought that the latest obsession to humanise our pets is stemming from a celebrity culture, where stars like Victoria Beckham use nail varnish on their pets to co-ordinate their outfits.

Mark Berriman, the Managing Director of adds:

“Since the start of the recession, we have even seen an uplift in certain product categories such as clothing, accessories and grooming, as owners take great enjoyment and satisfaction from pampering and spoiling their pets.”