Piece of chicken saves trapped Jack Russell

On Saturday last weekend, Tig, a female Jack Russell, was faced with a terrible ordeal when she found herself stuck in an underground tunnel in the Dundee area. Thankfully, Tig has been returned to her owner after 26 gruelling hours alone, with the help of a dog rescue team in Macalpine Road – and a bit of chicken. This unexpected experience may have worried her owner and those trying to help her, but Tig remained unharmed and was eager to fill her belly when she was released from the tunnel.

The ordeal began when Tig was doing her regular habit of chasing rabbits in the fields some yards from William Fitzgerald Way. As Tig’s owner Ged allowed the Jack Russell to explore, a rabbit appeared, encouraging the mischievous canine to chase the rabbit. As the rabbit crept back into the underground burrow, Tig decided to immediately follow it into the tight, compact enclosure.

Following the incident, Ged waited approximately five hours for the Jack Russell to reappear, but to no avail. As 7pm drew closer, Ged knew he was to make his way home and try to rest up for the night. Despite his efforts, Ged said:

‘I never slept all night and I was back at half six in the morning shouting on her.’

After some time scraping mud away from the opening of the underground tunnel, Ged realized his pet dog was too stuck to be removed without some kind of assistance.

The SSPCA had had no luck, so local fire fighters made their way to the fields at approximately 10.30am on Sunday, before leaving for other duties. Upon their return at 2pm that day, the fire fighters made use of a 5 foot pole and a quality fibre-optic camera. After two hours of locating the Jack Russell and luring her with chicken, Tig appeared dirty, but happy. Ged has thanked the dog rescue team for their hard work and prompt reaction, due to Tig being short of food at the time of being trapped. Despite lack of food, Tig is now healthy and back in the arms of her owner.