Pig flies through canine assault course

A pig named Louie has earned a place in a canine display team.

The porker is so good at sailing over jumps, negotiating see-saws, running through tunnels and weaving in and out of poles that his owner, Sue Williams, had no choice but to include him.

Sue, 46, is an animal behaviourist and dog trainer originally from Porthmadog, Wales, and took delivery of Louie last summer.

Using the reward based positive reinforcement technique she employs to train dogs, she claims that he learns tricks much quicker than her 15 strong team of pooches, especially when motivated with ginger nut biscuits.

Louie’s rise to stardom began when he would watch Sue practice with her dogs. She described the first time she saw his potential:

“One day when I was training my dogs I was trying to get one to run through a tunnel.”

“Louie decided to zoom through the tunnel instead. I was really taken aback. I thought hold on a minute- the pig’s doing a better job than the dog! So it came from that really.”

Louie has been the star of six agricultural fairs and talent shows so far. When he is granted an exhibition licence from the local county council, Sue plans to enter him to compete him in actual dog shows. She says that her ambition is to have him appear in Crufts.

We at Dream Dogs wonder how Louie would fare on an assault course with only three legs. After all, you can’t eat a talented pig like that all at once, can you?