Pit Bull owner arrested after his dogs killed two cats

Two pit bull type dogs went on what police described as a ‘rampage’ on Monday when they roamed the streets of Cambridge. The two dogs apparently killed two cats and tried to attack teenagers. Armed police and angered residents went in search of the dogs in a witch hunt that ended with one of the dogs being run down by a car.

The incident started at 7:20am and even sparked a police helicopter to search for the dogs. Both dogs were eventually caught.

According to police, a 31-year-old man from Cambridge was in police custody after being arrested for allowing the dogs to roam ‘out of control’.

Marie Howard was the owner of the one of the cats that was killed by the dogs.

I heard what I thought were cats fighting so I went outside to see a huge dog shaking a cat in its mouth.

I screamed at them to let it go and it was only when I got close up I found it was one of my pets. There was blood coming out of her mouth and eyes. I have kept cats for all of my life and for this to happen I just feel sick.

One of her neighbour’s teenage sons, Sam Beggs, tried to corner the dogs in a garden, and according to him they ‘lunged’ at him, although he was not harmed.

As is usual in these cases, residents are reacting with anger at the fact that two dogs were roaming the streets. Marie Clements, one of the neighbours, stated:

The cat had really been shaken about – I’m so glad mine were in last night.

When I went out the front the police told me to go back inside, but one of my cats had got out so a neighbour guarded me with a piece of wood.

I didn’t let my daughter go across to the park today – who knows what would have happened if one of them had got hold of a child.

According to the police, there has been no decision on what will happen to the dogs.