Pixie Lott loves the dogs

British pop sensation Pixie Lott has won a great many fans since she appeared on the scene just a short while ago, but while she’s gone from chart topping singles and TV appearances to intimate performances in Manchester to a select few fans, the big question on everybody’s lips is whether she’s a dog or cat person!

Pixie Lott

While Pixie may be about to launch her latest tour, labelled the ‘Crazy Cats Tour’, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a cat person at all. Pixie actually refers to her legions of fans as ‘cats’, rather than harbours any love for the furry felines themselves. Speaking in an interview with the Daily Star, Pixie instead stated that she’s a dog lover.

The pint sized pop princess commented:

“I’ve called my fans my crazy cats forever. It’s funny, though, as I don’t have a cat and never have. In fact I’m not really a cat person, I’m a dog girl.”

It seems that Pixie is fine with portraying the image of a cat lover, and will be adorned in leopard print during her Crazy Cats Tour, but when it comes to pets she’s firmly in the dog camp.

She added:

“My outfits are all going to be leopard print and I’ll be wearing ears and a tail I want to fully embrace the cat thing and I want all my fans to come dressed as cats if they can.”

“I’m so excited about going on tour because I’ve been a support act for so long. This is my chance to do it my way. I’ve been in the thick of the planning. I’ve just auditioned my dancers and will take my regular band with me.”